These Horses are available for our Full or Half  Fostering programs. 

Fostering (Leasing) is a structured and non committal way to experience the financial and time investment of Equine ownership.  Heavens Ranch Rescue offers Onsite, Pre-purchase Leases, Part Time Leases and Full time Leases.  This option allows you to enjoy the horse without a lifetime commitment.  

Half: $250-----Full $400----- Boxstalll: $450

**Includes Feed and Clean Shavings**   
Additional Expenses to consider: 
Farrier-Every 8 weeks
(Trim $50, Full Set $140 Half $95)


Scarlett: This Rescue was a Blessing the day she stepped on our ranch. She will always have a forever home at HR. Beginner horse through and through. Sorts, Traill, Obstacle and arena work. Stands all day for you to love and groom on. Safe for therapeutic riding and little rug rats!


B: This Black Beauty is a performance girl all around. Sorting and Trail Obstacle are a few of her favorite things to do. She ground ties only. She’s all business!


is a seasoned performance horse. She is a professional sorting horse. She is perfect for the intermediate rider to advance who wants to be successful in the sorting pen. She is excellent out on trail and masters arena work and trail obstacles to perfection.



This handsome steed is an all around ranch horse. He is awesome in the sorting pen, railwork, obstacles, trail and much more. He takes an advanced intermediate rider just because he deserves that level of horsemanship.



Annees very first rescue all the way from Canada. Luke needs a fostering friend, he has been diagnosed with beginning stages of navicular. He is an excellent trail horse and loves arena work when he’s feeling his best. This guy is a kissin’ huggin’ fool.

IMG_5330 (2).jpg


Coats of many Color. This guy is an amazing athlete. Sorts, Trail, Obstacle and arena work to perfection. He will take an advanced intermediate rider because he deserves the knowledge of invested horsemanship.